Make Your Own Blend Package (Class #2)

APRIL 29TH, 2020


The Make Your Own Blend Package includes the following:

  • (2) plastic graduated cylinders
  • (2) wine glasses with The Vineyards at Pine Lake logo
  • (1) sugar ramekin set (used for analyzing the effect of sugar on finishing wines)
  • (1) 750 mL bottle of Chardonnay
  • (1) 750 mL bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
  • (1) 750 mL bottle of Merlot
  • (1) 750 mL bottle of Syrah
  • (1) 375 mL bottle of Muscat
  • (1) bottle of Midnight Vines (exclusive pre-release)
  • (1) 90 minute, interactive, group Zoom Meeting session with our winemaker.
  • Informational sheet to recreate this experience with your friends and family once the quarantine is over!


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Additional information

It is no secret that blended wines can be some of the most enjoyable.  In this interactive class, join our winemaker in a 90 minute Zoom Meeting to examine the concepts and techniques of wine blending.  The class will begin with a quick review of proper wine smelling and tasting techniques followed by an overview of wine blending; the how and why it is done.  You will get to play along at home as our winemaker shows you how to create some common wine blends as well as the role of sugar in finishing a wine.  After you’ve gained some blending knowledge, you’ll get to create your own.

The Make Your Own Blend Package includes enough materials for two people to participate! As an added bonus, this package also includes a special pre-release bottle of our brand new wine: Midnight Vines.  Be one of the first to experience it before we release it to the public.  Lindale (sweet Niagara wine) fans will rejoice as their favorite wine takes on blackberry flavoring!

Upon receipt of your order, the Make Your Own Blend Package will be delivered to you free of charge to Ohio residents within 20 miles of VPL. A small delivery fee will apply to residents located outside of the 20 mile radius.  We apologize, but we cannot deliver to Pennsylvania at this time.  Pickup options are available.