Build a Wine Sensory Package (Class #1)

APRIL 22ND, 2020


The Build a Wine Sensory Package includes the following:

  • (1) package of 12 jars with individual “wine” components*
  • (2) wine glasses with The Vineyards at Pine Lake logo
  • (2) plastic pipets used to measure the “wine” components
  • (3) mystery bottles of VPL wines to compare to the built “wines”
  • (1) bottle of Midnight Vines (exclusive pre-release)
  • (1) 90 minute, interactive, group Zoom Meeting session with our winemaker.
  • Informational sheet to recreate this experience with your friends and family once the quarantine is over!

*Not included in this package is unflavored vodka which is used to build the “wines”.  Due to Ohio law, we are not allowed to deliver high proof alcohol.



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Additional information

Have you ever wondered about the individual components of wine?  Do you sometimes get confused when you hear a wine described as having citrus aromas and flavors of pineapple?  Do you find yourself asking, “I thought wine was made from grapes?” In this class, we will build a “wine” one component at a time so you can experience how complex of a beverage wine can be.

In this approximately 90 minute Zoom session, our winemaker will begin the class by providing an overview of how wine is made, followed by a virtual tour of our wine production facility.  Following the tour, you will be given instructions on the proper way to analyze a wine: visual, scent and taste.  Next, using the included sensory package, you will have a chance to build three “wines.” This process will showcase the individual components within the three VPL wines that are included. By comparing the built “wine” to the actual VPL wines, you will have a better understanding of the building blocks of wine.

The Build a Wine Sensory Package includes enough materials for two people to participate! As an added bonus, this package also includes an exclusive pre-release bottle of our brand new wine: Midnight Vines.  Be one of the first to experience it before we release it to the public.  Lindale (sweet Niagara wine) fans will rejoice as their favorite wine takes on blackberry flavoring!

Upon receipt of your order, the Build a Wine Sensory Package will be delivered to you free of charge to Ohio residents within 20 miles of VPL. A small delivery fee will apply to residents located outside of the 20 mile radius. The package will be delivered no sooner than three days prior to the class to ensure freshness of the “wine” components. We apologize, but we cannot deliver to Pennsylvania at this time. Pickup options are available.