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Family owned and operated since 2016

Following a successful run 37+ year run in the oil and natural gas industry, the Glista family decided to shift its focus into a new venture.  In 2015, we began to create this place to serve as an escape from the concrete, brick, steel and asphalt expansion happening just to the North of where the winery currently sits. The idea was simple; grow some grapes, create wine from those grapes, sell it in a relaxed setting with a view and also have the ability to host weddings, birthdays, business events, etc.  What we found was that making all that happen is quite the sizeable task. 

Each member of our family, in one way or another, has put their hands forth to make what you see today a reality. We are 100% family owned and we all operate the vineyards, hop yard, winery, craft brewery, Event Center, and Tasting Room.  Our hope is that you may bring your friends and family to our creation and share in the enjoyment of our passion.

Joseph Glista, III, Ava Glista, Emily Glista, Joseph Glista, Jr., Brielle Glista, Eric Glista, Cathy Glista, Jaclyn Graham, Carly Graham, Jordan Graham, Jake Graham

From our grapes to your glass

We have over 3,500 grape vines that contribute to our varieties of wine. We currently have three estate-grown wines on our wine list: Lindale, Vineyards White and Vineyards Red. 

The Vineyards at Pine Lake Family

Joe Glista

Joseph Glista, Jr.


A Canfield High School graduate of the class of 1977, "Papa Joe" began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1978 as a pumper for Rowley & Brown. After gaining experience, he soon began to work his way up the ladder with Capitol Oil and Gas. North Coast Energy eventually purchased Capitol Oil & Gas, where Joe became the Vice President of Land Development. He oversaw the acquiring of natural gas leases, drilling operations and pipeline completion of the operation. In 1994, he set off on his own and created Energy Resources of America, Inc., which he still operates today. The success of this company is what paved the way for the creation of The Vineyards at Pine Lake. You'll see Papa Joe in numerous locations throughout the property; building projects, vineyard maintenance, bottling wine and generally putting out all sorts of fires to make the business run smoothly are his specialty.

Cathy Glista

Cathy Glista


The matriarch of the family, Cathy graduated from Canfield High School in 1978 and spent the next few years working as an assistant at a doctor's office. In 1981, she became a mother and dedicated her time to raising her three children: Joe, Jackie and Eric. Cathy now enjoys her "number one job", as she would say, as a caring grandmother to four grand kids: Ava, Emily, Jake and Carly. Cathy offers a lending hand whenever needed, whether it's taking care of last minute details at the Event Center to helping harvesting grapes.

Cathy Glista
Joe Glista III

Joseph Glista, III

Winemaker & Brewmaster

After graduating from Canfield High School in 2000, Joe went on to study engineering and received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio University in 2005. He then worked as an engineer for General Electric for 3 years before deciding to move home to join the family business, Energy Resources of America, where he helped Joe, Jr. implement and execute drilling programs. Starting in 2016, Joe switched to full time wine production as the winemaker for The Vineyards at Pine Lake. In 2020, he earned a degree in enology (wine making) from Kent State University. That same year, he took on the role of Brewmaster for The Pine Lake Brewing Company. He has identical twin daughters, Ava and Emily, for whom he named the popular Avily wine after by combining their names.

Eric Glista

Jaclyn Graham

Prior to her wedding being the first official event to happen at our brand new Event Center in 2016, Jackie graduated from Canfield High School in 2007, earned both her bachelor's and master's degree in education from YSU and started her career as an educator at C.H. Campbell elementary in Canfield. Jackie offers help with the website and at the winery whenever her busy schedule as a mother and a teacher allow. She lives with her husband, Jordan, and her two children: Jake and Carly.

Eric Glista
Eric Glista Wedding

Eric Glista

Tasting Room & Event Center Manager

Eric is a 2011 graduate of Canfield High School and went on to Eastern Gateway Community College where he earned his degree in business management. Eric also worked for Energy Resources of America, the family business, prior to the winery being built. Upon finishing college, he joined The Vineyards at Pine Lake full time and manages both the Event Center and the Tasting Room restaurant. He is the second family member to be married on the property, when he married his now wife, Brielle, in the summer of 2020.


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