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Red Wines

5% case discount on purchases of 6 to 11 bottles, 10% case discount on 12 or more bottles. Can be mixed variety.

To-go bottle prices are $4/bottle less than listed below.

Bubbly Canned Wines

Our new limited-release bubbly series features crowd-favorite wines carbonated and canned for maximum portability.

Each can is 375 mL, which is equivalent to 1/2 bottle of wine!

To-go bottle prices are $2/can less than listed below.

  • Bubbly Lindale Can $7

    Bubbly version of our estate-grown Lindale, this wine features sweet grape aromas with hints of citrus and melon. Cotton candy sweetness on the palate with a balanced, clean, bubbly, and fruity finish

  • Bubbly Berry Patch Blend Can $7.50

    Plentiful aromas of strawberries accented with raspberry and pear. This bubbly version of Berry Patch Blend is a white wine blend sweetened with natural strawberry flavoring with a zippy, bubbly finish

Signature Series


  •    Signature Cabernet Sauvignon
    Glass $15.75 Bottle $63

    Aromas of smooth vanilla with black cherry, currants, dark berries wrapped in French oak present themselves with hints of black olives and a touch of cedar.

  •    Signature Dual Staved
    Glass $10.75 Bottle $43

    Blackberry, fig, currant, prune and dried flower aromas with hints of Tennessee whiskey, oak and black olives envelope the nose. Flavors of charcoal, truffle and dark cherries. The finish is long with an indication of tobacco.

  •    Signature Frontenac
    Glass $10 Bottle $40

    Aromas of intense black cherry, delicate currants, toasted oak and plums with hints of dark chocolate, tobacco, thyme and prunes. The finish is clean with cherry and cranberry flavors.

Bronze Medal Winner -2022 Ohio Wine Competition
Silver Medal Winner – 2022 Ohio Wine Competition
Gold Medal Winner – 2022 Ohio Wine Competition
Double Gold Medal Winner – 2022 Ohio Wine Competition


  • Signature Seyval
    Glass $7.50 Bottle $30

    Aromas of toasted oak, honey, apricot and white peach. Hints of mushroom, black tea, passion fruit, vanilla and minerals. Flavors of prunes with subtle lemon complement the balanced acidity. The finish is long lasting with lingering flavors of pears.

  •    Signature Gewürztraminer
    Glass $7.50 Bottle $30

    Scents of redolent lychees greets the nose. Slightly mineral and spicy aromas with hints of violets, pears and citrus fruits. Flavors of baked apples are coupled up with bright acidity. The long finish provides green apple flavors with a touch of white pepper.

  •    Signature Muscat Canelli
    Glass $7.50 Bottle $30

    Fragrant apricot, honeydew melon, honeysuckle and formal aromas with hints of mango and nectarine. The white peach flavors please the palate leading to a long honey and floral finish.

  •    Signature Riesling
    Glass $7.25 Bottle $29

    A light straw color and beautiful clarity, this medium body Riesling exudes aromas of pears, honeysuckle, dried flowers, green apples with hints of orange blossom. Flavors of apricots and yellow apples with crisp acidity and honey notes.

Wine Sample Flights

The Pine Lake Brewing Company , created in 2020, creates small-batch, craft brews right here on The Vineyards at Pine Lake property.