Night in England

Join us for a night in rural England as we create a warm and inviting cottage dinner experience!

The evening with consist of a 3 course meal with ale pairings for each course.

Grab a group of your friends or your significant other and enjoy a relaxing evening!


Ploughman’s Lunch

-Fresh bread and English cheeses featuring Stilton, Wensleydle, Poacher’s Cheddar, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, with pickles, ham and boiled egg. The English version of a charcuterie board!

Your choice of entree:

Fish N’ Chips

-Crispy fried beer battered codfish and fries (known as chips).

Cottage Pie

-Similar to Shepard’s Pie except made with beef. Garnished with mashed potatoes and vegetables.


Mixed Berry Trifle

-White cake, berries and layered whipped cream.